Flyingfish was the last leg of qualifications that determined which surfers from the Kuta area would be included in the final of the VQS Oaks Summer Camp Championship. Kuta is renowned to be the proving grounds of Indonesia’s top surfers, and today all of the riders were eager to go out there and prove themselves.

Raditya Rondi is Kuta’s very own secret weapon, he recently won the ISC Pro series that was held in Kuta as well. As soon as Raditya walked onto the beach everyone knew that he was the contender to watch out for.


In the 14 & under division Jeren proved himself to be the dominant one, advancing with Moy, Ryan and Wayan into the finals. Meanwhile, in the 17 & under division Sandy Slamet tore open his path into the final, followed closely by Damian Amar, Merta Yasa, and Arya Wijaya.


Raditya Rondi in a “RAD” move.


In the Pro Am division the result was as predicted, Raditya created a huge gap between himself and his competitors, and flash danced his way into the final.


As we progressed into the finals, the victorious were Jeren from the groms and Sandy from the 17 & under division, claiming their titles as the Princes of Kuta.

In the Pro Am final Raditya kept his turns sharp and tight and left his competitors in is beautiful white mist, fulfilling the prophecy and winning the division. All finalists are through to the final round at the VQS Oaks Summer Camp Championship tomorrow for the last and largest day of camping.


Groms (14 & Under):
1. Jeren Kirin
2. Wayan Sunarta
3. A. Gd. Ryan Sudiatmika
4. Md. Rai Darmaji

Juniors (17 & Under):
1. Sandy Slamet
2. Made Merta Yasa
3. Damian Amar
4. Arya Wijaya

Pro Am (21 & Under):
1. Raditya “Cabul” Rondi
2. I Wayan Darma Putra
3. I Made Darma Yasa
4. Sima Rai

Thanks to all the VQS Staff, Kuta locals, beach kids, Bol, Tawan, Lapur and Gogo as well as all of the judges. Let the Kids Ride Free!