Given that it was the first event in the year 2011, we showed up to the Geckofish surf series in Sanur with grins wider than our faces! It seems the kids were even more excited than we were and came mad early, waiting patiently at the beach waroengs for our crew to arrive. We could sense it immediately – the air was filled with the raw, unbridled energy of youth and competition. It was on.

The waves were pretty solid with 3 to 4 foot swells that consistently churned out these long stretching barrels. We had a turnout of 80 kids and we were ready to let the feeding frenzy begin. The kids in the groms division started the festivities and although the rivalry was tight, there could only be one victor – Komang Bayu Pranata.

Putu Anggara, one of the contestants in Pro Am division, getting some air. He secured his spot in 2nd place losing out to his teammate, Putra Hermawan.

Kids, judges, and the Volcom crew all came together to share their passion for riding the ocean.

The barrels kept rolling in throughout the morning and this contestant caught a sweet free ride.

We saw a few familiar faces from last year in the Junior division, with Komang Komo and Ediana Putra becoming regulars of the VQS Geckofish surf series. The dedication is clearly paying off as Komang proved himself to be the best in the division.

Kuncung managed to catch some vertical during the Airshow, but with waves a little under 2 feet, the conditions were not ideal for takeoff.

Another competitor in the Airshow division who spreads his wings for this gnarly aerial.

Komang Putra Hermawan is definitely an Indonesia surfer to look out for – at just 18 he’s got a bright future ahead of him.

There were no surprises when Putra Hermawan walked away as the winner of the Pro Am division. As the winner of the Indonesian Surfing Championship 2010, he proved his reputation as a champion by grabbing the win for the Airshow division as well.

Groms division:
1. Komang Bayu Pranata
2. Kadek Hendrawan
3. Eka Nanda
4. Tedi

Junior division:
1. Komang Komo
2. Ediana Putra
3. A. Mardiana
4. Putu Eka

Pro Am:
1. Komang Putra Hermawan
2. Putu Anggara
3. Tia Nustawan
4. Mulle

Airshow division:
1. Komang Putra Hermawan
2. Putu Anggara

Special thanks to our crew, judges, local riders, Made Sutama, local authorities and county council for the huge support year after year keeping the VQS Geckofish surf series in Sanur alive and vibrant.