Our Grillfish surf series was held this Sunday but it was anything but a sun day. The sky was overcast and the ground was wet with rain despite the rainy season being over.As soon as we set foot onto the beach we realized that the ocean seemed equally disinterested in our plans of ripping it up because the waves were flat. But when life gives you lemons make lemonade, so in true Volcom fashion we did just that, resulting in a juicy Sunday of surfing.

There was certainly a storm on Balangan Beach and it took the form of the young riders out there fighting the elements.

The little guy in the groms division, Rio, took control and beat Tommy Sobry, Volcom grom rider from Bingin. In the Junior division (17 & Under), Koko Mitsua (the former champion in the grom division) proved himself a worthy competitor and took the crown once again.

Rio surfed with all of his heart and definitely appeared bigger in the water than all of his larger sized competitors.

Koko walked away with another victorious year. He’ll be competing in the Junior Division Final in the VQS Indonesian Championship this year.

While the riders were competing in the water, the kids were competing on the beach, a few being lucky enough to win cool Volcom gear for spotting the Volcom team riders photos in a magazine.

Volcom pro rider Bol suited up as the Stone Man and decided to hit the water to find himself a wave to ride. The Volcom Stone doesn’t sink; it swims.

Pro Am division looked a bit different this year with the absence of Mega Semadi due to his age ineligibility to participate. His place was deservedly taken by Agus Sumerta Yasa, the winner in the Junior division last year. For Agus it seems its not the size of the wave, it’s the speed of the man.

In the additional division, the aerial show, Mega Semadi held nothing back. He made the one big maneuver and people just went…”what just happened?” It was a clear winning movement from Mega. With this year’s aerial show qualification system, he took the spot to participate from this region. Last year he won the Pro Am division, this time he made his way in another different qualifying division.


Groms (14 & Under):
1. Rio
2. Tommy Sobry
3. Aditya Putra Rahayu
4. Dyou

Junior (17 & Under):
1. Koko Mitsua Antara
2. Agus Sudiantara
3. Putu Prastya Darma
4. I Gede Angga

Pro Am:
1. Agus Sumerta Yasa
2. Agus Setiawan
3. Agus Julyantara
4. Agus Tinawan

Aerial show:
1. Mega Semadi
2. Agus Sumerta Yasa
3. Agus Setiawan
4. Sempol

A BIG thanks to all the event staff, Camel and local kids for the support. We look forward to seeing you all in the VQS Indonesian Championship this July!