This is our 5th season of hosting the Helifish surf series in Cimaja Sunset beach and our love for this spot just keeps growing. It’s the combination of the mountainous backdrop, the kids’ enthusiasm, and the unpredictability of the waves that just keeps drawing us back.


We all slept with our fingers and toes crossed and apparently it worked because the sun was shining and the weather was SWEET. We divided the beach into 2 judging spots, and with waves just under 2.5 feet, the whistle blew to get the Grom’s going.

A local in the Junior division.
Judges have the front row seats.

Sadly the ocean was not being friendly to our little groms, as the current was too strong for them to manage, so after the first heat we switched it over to the Junior division. The bigger boys handled the ocean just fine, Teguh handling it a little better than the other, scoring himself 1st place.

Cakrayuda the winner in Pro Am division.

As we proceeded into the Pro Am division, Cakraduya stunned everyone with more than just his golden hair, dominating every heat and scoring the highest points in the division.

The Groms got back into the water once the ocean calmed down, and these guys were fired up. No one likes waiting, especially not a group of under 12 year olds. Dian, who rode 11 hours from Pangandaran to make it to the competition, made sure his trip wasn’t in haste and nabbed the first place. Once the awards were given out, the rain came down, couldn’t ask for better timing.

1. Dian H.
2. Muldi
3. Ook
4. Rizal

1. Teguh
2. Rian Hidayat
3. Arifin
4. Atris

1. Cakrayuda
2. Rudy Bombom
3. Rian Hidayat
4. Fredy

A huge thanks to all local event staff that help to make this possible, Boyke, our driver Jae with his relentless driving, local kids, local media and the government of Sukabumi.

Much LOVE West Java.