3 days after an exhausting skate competition we had to leave for Borneo with our bodies tired and beaten up. But we sucked it up like the real men we are and decided to follow our philosophy “skate don’t hesitate”. I’m glad we did because it was a sick destination for our final skate demo and signing of the year.


Rangga, nose grind.

We started off in Balikpapan and got welcomed by the rain trying to dampen our style, so we pointed several fingers at the sky and peaced out to Samarinda after lunch.

Ryan, 50-50 down rail.

It was a 4-hour rocky ride to Samarinda and we booked ourselves into a hotel that was quite close to the skatepark and store that we were hitting up. Our trip included a short stint in Tenggarong, a smaller town on the outskirts of Samarinda, so they boys could check out some spots and get a few more bruises on their already knackered bodies.

Vandalism? No sir, this is street art.


Rangga, front side board slide.


Trick of the day.

We hung out with the local riders and shared campfire stories, and Genta decided to go for a swim in the pond after failing to land a 4 stairs 50-50 drop. Moral of the story: don’t curse the rain because you will get wet.