The VQS season finally came around and we kicked it off in Medewi beach, Bali West Side. Beauty and the beasts was the main caption of this event, as the amazing natural scenery of this spot was held captive by the riders tearing it up in the water.

All the kids had their hands high up in the air ready to participate in the event. Many of them were alumni from last year’s Pro Am including players like Dwi Marnox, Kamal, Umar. Given that the coast is filled with rocks and coral, the groms started the session since it would be safer while the tide was still high.

Umar Anas, the little bro of last year’s contestant Aswar Anas, charged the sets and fought a solid battle against his competitors. Ranu, Aldi and Endi answered the call, and they all made it through into the final of the groms division.

A contestant from the Junior division.

In the Junior division, last year’s contestant Samsul Hidayat swerved and swaggered in the water with the class of Sinatra on stage. But he wasn’t alone in showcasing his moves with Dayat, Abi and Soleh Mahendra stepping to him to take it into the final.

Rad action from Pro Am contestant.

The Pro Am division didn’t change much from the last competition in terms of talent, with Ari Mustofa, Dwi Marnox, Abi and Komang Ari heading through into the final.

By the time we got into the finals the tide was low and the stakes were raised, as the big rocks and sharp coral threatened to break more than just surfboards. But this didn’t deter the boys and they pushed on, with Umar Anas emerging to be the best in his division.

Muklis Anwar, the Aerial show winner.


The ocean showed no mercy to the Junior division, as the water kept getting lower, but it didn’t stop Abi’s quest in becoming the best in this division. He faced strong competition from Dayat who only managed to get to 2nd place. Meanwhile, in the Aerial contest, Muklis jumped and flew his way up to have the best aerial maneuver.

In the Pro Am finals the competition was tight, but eventually it was Dwi Marnox that slipped his way through the cracks and scored the highest points. All of the finalists from today secured their spot to be in the VQS Final next year.



Groms (14 & Under):
1. Umar Anas
2. Ranu
3. Aldi
4. Endi

Junior (17 & Under):
1. Abi
2. Dayat
3. Soleh Mahendra
4. Samsul Hidayat

Pro-Am (21 & Under):
1. Dwi Marnox
2. Abi
3. Komang Ari
4. Ari Mustofa

Air Show:
1. Muklis A.
2. Kadek “Celepuk” Murtika
3. Kamal

Thanks to ALL involved from the event staff, to the locals and especially the riders for having the heart to ride against fear.