Sunday morning and it’s the start of the Totally Crustaceous Oak Summer Camp. The clouds were feeling a little heavy today and decided to crash our party, dropping rain on our fine-tented establishment. But its all a part of camping and the show must go on.


Hopefully with this huge sign no one will ever get lost.




The youngest of the campers were the lucky first to get a taste of surfing in the rain, and they showed true scout spirit, shredding the water in more ways than one. Ultimately, it was Tommy Sobry, Komo, Wayan Sunarta, and Jeren who made it to the finals of the groms 14 & Under division.

It’s a game of strength and precision.


In the 17 & Under division, counselors sensed dominant moves from Dwi Marnox and Sandy Slamet with their strong combos.



By the time we reached the senior campers in the 21 & Under division the Gods started to favor us and the rain had stopped. Once we could see clearly, we realized we were witnessing the clash of young titans with Putra Hermawan, Agus Frimanto, and Raditya Rondi all stepping up their game; however the finals were reserved for only the mightiest – Mega Semadhi, Made Darma Yasa, Raditya Rondi and Putra Hermawan.


Raditya Rondi shows fearsome skills to his fellow campers.




After 2 years of being omitted from the schedule, the Belly Floppers of air shows was again included in the event. Gogo, one of our Volcom riders who just returned from the VQS final in the USA, went up against his teammates Kunyit, Celepuk, Garut (last year’s VQS Champ) and Dedi Santoso.

Garut, one of the floppers. The boys were fiery and put on a spectacular air show, definitely for the books!


You can’t go camping without music and a barbeque!


With song, sumptuous food, and surfing all in the mix, you couldn’t ask for a better concoction of happiness served up to all of our campers and visitors. The surfers weren’t the only one winning prizes, as visitors got the chance to grab up some Volcom goodies from winning camping games.


By late afternoon most of the campers were getting tired, but the finalists in the Air Show were geared to take off once again.


Dedi Santosa finally is the best flopper! It was a less of a bunny hop and more of a cricket jump, but either way we were all impressed by Dedi Santosa’s rabbit-like prowess.


The groms in the finals were all striving to be the #1 best camper, but Komo was the camper with the hamper in the end. Meanwhile, in the 17 & Under division the riders paddled out quite far to put themselves in the best positions. The previous leader Sandy Slamet got a little lost in the wilderness enabling Made Merta Yasa to emerge as the champion camper.


Mega Semadhi the Pro Am finalist.

Once the super campers Pro Am were in the water, waves were being shredded in all directions, leaving the counselors confused as to which way to look. As soon as Raditya Rondi eased into the frame though there was only one way to look, his way; and he kept us looking all the way to the finish.

Raditya took first place, Mega was the runner up, and last but definitely not least, Hermawan.


Smiles on all the campers faces, Volcom delivered another educational experience to the young and old of what it means to be high off life.







Groms (14 & Under):
1. Komo
2. Jeren Kirin
3. Wayan Sunarta
4. Tommy Sobry

Junior (17 & Under):
1. Made Merta Yasa
2. Sandy Slamet
3. Putu Anggara
4. Dwi Marnox

Pro Am (21 & Under)
1. Raditya Rondi
2. Mega Semadhi
3. Putra Hermawan
4. Made DarmaYasa

Belly Floppers (Air show):
1. Dedi Santosa
2. Garut
3. Darma Putra

Thanks go out to: Electric Visual and Future fins with the Air show prize, our energy booster Redbull, Volcom staff, Kuta Lifeguards and to all campers and visitors.