Volcom has launched what may be regarded as the next frontier of boardshort technology, the Annihilator. Such a grand title is not easily imparted, but these boardshorts have deservedly earned their name. Developed in collaboration with our top Volcom pro surfers, they have been rigorously tested in the world’s proving grounds of surfing – the North Shore, Hawaii. They’ve been with our riders skin to skin through 30-foot waves, minute long barrels, reef crashes, and crushing wipeouts. Where they failed they were improved, where they succeeded they were improved; if you’re going to do something do it right, and it doesn’t get any more righteous than this. An annihilator is not a person or an object, it is an indomitable force that can be embodied in any element at any time; these boardshorts have been created in this force, with this force, and they have consequently become this force, they are Annihilators.



Because these are no ordinary boardshorts we decided to treat their launch specially, to ensure that everyone involved knew exactly what they were dealing with. For our sales staff we held a product training clinic at our headquarters in Bali, going through the innovative technology that make these boardshorts Annihilators. We held a quiz at the end and 2 winners were awarded the privilege of being among the first in Indonesia to own a pair of the Annihilators.


The rightful winner of the quiz, this man knew the most about the Annihilators and was definitely worthy of a pair.

The next day we held a private boardshort clinic at the beach for our staff surfers and media friends from Surftime, Men’s Health, FHM, Juice Magazine, SUB Magazine, and theDailyWhatNot blog. Rama, an ex pro surfer himself, was the best guy to delve into the subtle intricacies of the Annihilators and explain the technology behind the beasts. But the Annihilators weren’t designed to be talked about, they were designed to be experienced, so a couple of our pro surfers went into the water and demonstrated that Annihilator was not a noun but a fully functioning adjective.

Ribut means fight in Indonesian, and he is clearly living true to his name, carving his spirit into the wave in his Dusty Nano Annihilator’s.

The Volcom Stone is always down to ride.

Volcom Indo pro surfer Kunyit annihilating in the Bruce Nano Annihilator’s. Once Kunyit came on shore he shared with us his first ever experience trying out the Nano Annihilators during the Rusty ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ surf competition last week. He was in the midst of pulling a completely outrageous maneuver until he realized that it was just a little too outrageous for his own board to handle. He jumped to bail out of the onslaught of the wave but forgot that he was surfing in shallow water, which was only 30 cms deep with reef below. As he hit the water, the wave took him into its washing machine and his big butt got dragged across the reef. Apart from the pain he remembers thinking “there goes a brand new pair of boardshorts”. He came out of the water and couldn’t feel any rip on the backside of his shorts. When he took them off in the bathroom he realized there was none, although his butt had a big scratch on it. We weren’t kidding when we said nano technology means super elastic and 4 way stretch.

You just can’t have a day on the beach without coconuts.

You’ve gotta love the taste of some fresh Volcom.

All said and done, the launch was educational, fun and inspiring for everyone involved. 12 people walked away with a pair of the Nano Annihilators and until now we’re still getting thanks. On that note, thank you to everyone that made it out, all the media peeps, and everyone from our extended Volcom family.

Ask for the Annihilators next time you’re at Volcom and feel the difference.