Balangan Beach is a rare gem that constantly sparkles with gorgeous swells and mesmerizing waves. It is a blessing for surfers, and Volcom and co. accepted it with open palms on this beautiful Sunday.

Sunday may be the day of rest, although there was no rest for us as the action kicked off and the waters were invaded by groms of all colours, shapes, and sizes.



Since the tide was low with sets between 2 to 3 feet, the Pro-Am Division started the day to put on a show for the audience. The local star Mega Semadhi advanced to the finals with his fellow combatants Koko Mitsua, Agus Setiawan, and Agus Julyantara.



In the Under-14 final Volcom rider Tommy Sabre fought hard but had to concede the title to Koko Mitsua who definitely deserved to win 1st place.


The Under-17 division was a demonstration of great skill and strong maneuvers; Agus Sumerta Yasa emerging as final victor with a sick 360.



The Pro-Am final was filled with local all-stars who put on gnarly aerial shows for the audience taking superman to another level. However it was Mega who made it clear from the beginning that he was going to walk away with the title, and in the end he did just that.


1. Koko Mitsua
2. I Kadek Karda
3. Nyoman Tita Yasa
4. Tommy Sobry

1. Agus Sumerta Yasa
2. Agus Sudiantara
3. Rudy
4. Edi Gunawan

1. Mega Semadhi
2. Koko Mitsua
3. I Wayan Agus Setiawan
4. I Wayan Agus Julyantara

Clear skies, clean waves, class surfers, all in all it was an amazing event and we’ll be back for some more fun in the sun soon enough. Thank you to the local community for allowing us to come back, Magic Wave, and to the riders for keeping the dream alive.