Wild In The Park (WITP) is back in Indonesia after a 2-year hiatus. This tour is so popular that no one (and I mean no one) who considers themselves a skateboarder or skatelover would dare miss it. The first stop of this tour was in Bali at the Motion skate park, a much-needed addition to this island renowned for its surf. No waves? No problem.




The kids rocked up before 9 am to register and we could already tell that the turn out would be massive. We had contestants from all over the country including Jakarta, Bogor, Surabaya, and some even came down from neighboring Malaysia. We got on with the formalities of explaining the WITP judging rules to let the riders know the system they would be graded upon. At the end of the day, the only rule that really applied was rule #1 – kick, push and coast.

Mario Palandeng, up and high.

Mario Palandeng, Crooked grind.
Indra L, Frontside Nosegrind.


The Indonesian WITP is only divided into 2 divisions – Beginner (Under-17) and Open (Amateur) division. We kicked off with the Beginner division and narrowed down 46 skaters to the best 16, and then to the best 8 to the final.

Kids queing for lunch.


Morgan being interviewed, he’ll be on TV.
Rino, Handplant.


Rodi in a clown suit.
Agung HB, Crooked Grind.

Our pro riders Indra Leonardo, Rino Herman, and Mario Palandeng joined the regional qualification, which raised the standard of the tricks and the competition. In the finals of the Beginner division, Dewa Oka with his feeble grind and fs nose grind proved himself worthy for 1st place.


Dewa Oka, Crooked grind.
Deni TX, Ollie from a quarter.


In the Open division, the judges concentration was really tested due to the onslaught of tricks being thrown at them from all the riders. Despite valiant efforts, Yogi couldn’t beat Indra’s hard flip revert trick and consistency throughout the park, allowing him to skate away with 1st place and the Electric Hype of the Day.


Beginner winners.

Indra wins Electric Hype of The Day with a Frontside wall stall.
Open winners.




Beginner (Under 17) Division:
1. Dewa Oka
2. Edo Gawat
3. Samuel
4. Sanggu
5. Andre
6. Ari Wahyu
7. Agung

Open (Am) Division:
1. Indra Leonardo
2. Yogi Dharmawan
3. Agung HB
4. Rino Herman
5. Izad
6. Deny TX
7. Richy

A BIG thank you to all the Volcom office staff, fellow skateboarders, Nareen, Toni, Ari Method, and last but not least, our co-sponsors Electric, Hardknoxsunglasses, Motion, Easy Decks, XNetal for making this event happen. Thank you to Red Bull also for giving us wings!

See you all in Jogjakarta for the 2nd stop of the WITP 2010 Indonesian Tour!