The 2nd stop for the Central Regional qualifying session was Jogjakarta, a city that strongly carries the Indonesian heritage. As per usual, the morning registration was packed with kids streaming to get their names inked down onto the roster. In total we had 144 kids sign up to compete, a record number for any single competition we’ve ever hosted. It was great to see how tradition co-exists with modernity in this city.


For this leg of the tour we transformed a local gym into a skate park for the day, creating a respectable course with ramps and rails.



In the beginner’s division we had a number of contestants from Jogja along with a few from Jakarta, Solo, and other surrounding cities. From this diverse pack, Bryan, Henrico and Panjul really stood out, each completing the heat with smooth tricks and solid landings.

Norman Genta, Frontside Over Crooked.

Ryan Novianus, Smith Grind.


For the Open division, we were proud to have 2 of Volcom Indonesia’s riders, Genta and Ryan (both from Jogjakarta), jump in to qualify. This division had 102 skaters battling head to head for the chance to proceed into the finals. We were eventually left with the top 16, and although Genta’s luck ran out, Ryan scored big time with his combos proceeding to the coveted stage.



One thing 140 kids all have in common is that after a long session of skating, they all want food! We served up a finger lickin good BBQ of hotdogs and burgers, allowing our riders in the finals to fill up their tanks for the last stretch.



Clown’s got skills.


Bryan from Jakarta killed the Beginner division, landing tricks in every section and securing his position in 1st. He was followed by Luman, Henrico, and 4 other finalists who all earned a spot in the Jakarta finals.


The Open division was sheer madness as well and certainly the highlight of the entire competition. Ariyoshi put up a solid fight landing several kick flips, and Rico Ti made his mark as well, but ultimately it was Ryan that wooed the crowd with combos of flips for a grand finish in 1st position.


Ryan went home with Electric sunglasses for his Dunkinflip and got the Hype of the Day prize as well.




There’s always time for freebies and giveaways!


Indra and his charity mission, makes the kids go wild.


Beginner division (17 & Under):
1. Bryan
2. Luman
3. Henrico
4. Bramasetya Bayu
5. Andy Kody
6. Panjul
7. Dony Indra

Open division:
1. Ryan Novianus
2. Yosafat Satria
3. Ariyoshi
4. Afriansyah
5. Somad
6. Samid
7. Rico Ti

Thanks to our all of our supporters for the event including Electric sunglasses, Xnetal helmet, the local kids, and Beth and the gang who made this event possible. See you all in Jakarta for the WITP final!