The final regional qualification for Volcom Indonesia’s Wild In The Park series 2010 brought us to the cool and breathe easy city of Bandung; a city appropriately dubbed by the Dutch as “Paris van Java” or “Paris from Java”.

The playground.

For this competition we had to transform another basketball court into a skate park, Indonesia desperately needs more skate parks. Dear government officials and local council members, please LET THE KIDS RIDE FREE. And there is no shortage of kids that do want to ride, as nearly 100 skaters rocked up for this final qualification.

Bandung contestants.
Bagus Alvito, boardslide.

In the Beginner division we went through several heats to arrive at the top 8 who would proceed into the final. Carlo Aulia and Alvito made all the right moves and landed all the tricks that marked them as the contenders to beat in this division.

Pevi Permana, crook grind.

The Open division brought us some of Indonesia’s biggest names in skating including Pevi Permana, Indra “domdom”, Andrew Remote and many others. It was definitely a showdown of the finest to land a place in the Jakarta final.

Rangga, blunt slide

The Beginner division finals were filled with twists and turns, as contestants pushed each other to raise the level of their tricks. But in the end, it was Kevin CR who shredded the course and walked away with the big cheese – 1st place.

Absar, front side nosegrind.

Morgan and Febby interviewed for a local TV channel.

Kevin, the winner of the beginner division.

Indra “Domdom”, backside tailslide.

The Open division was wilder than the jungles of Congo, as these Indonesian predators went for the kill in each and every section. To our surprise, the underdog Ega MP came out of nowhere and stole the prize. While the big names were busy trying to land the big moves, Ega kept it steady and consistent and racked up the points. Smart hunter.

Winner of open division.


Winners of the beginner division.


Beginner Division (17 & Under):
1. Kevin CR
2. Carlo Aulia
3. Bagus Alvito
4. Farhan
5. Reza Firmansyah
6. Hari Wicaksono
7. Yudha Afri

Open Division:
1. Ega MP
2. Absar
3. Rangga Roesllyta
4. Indra “Domdom”
5. Muhammad Fadli
6. Pevy Permana
7. Anggie



Everybody wants a piece a of Volcom.

We do believe the more you give, the more you get, so we decided to close up the session by giving away heaps of Volcom goodies as a thank you for all we received! Special thanks goes out to our Bandung crew, Febby, Benjo, Stone and to all the kids that rocked up to support the event. See you at the WITP Final in Jakarta. 30th October is the date.