General Event Info:

Divisions: Beginner (Under 17), Open (Pro-Am)
Qualification Territory: Eastern-Bali, Central-Jogja, Western-Bandung, and Final-Jakarta.
Qualifying hometown limited to a selection only and may not participate in another hometown territory qualification city.
Size: Up to 150
Entry Fee: None, participation is absolutely free
Registration: 09 am
Contest Begins at: 10 am
Running Time: 4-6 hrs (depending on the number of competitors)
Free BBQ Lunch: Roughly 1 pm (hotdogs, drinks, etc) mid-way through the contest.
Awards at: 5 or 6pm (depending on the number of competitors)

Event Registration: There are two ways for competitors to sign up

1) Email: Kids have the chance to sign up for the event to email few weeks ahead of time. If a competitor who signed up online doesn’t show up at registration by 9.30 am, his or her spot will be made available to someone waiting in line if necessary. Despite signing up online, everyone still needs to sign a waiver before competing.

2) Morning of Contest: Registration is done the day of the contest outside the park from 9-10 am. If a competitor is under 18, they need to have a parent/guardian with them to sign their waiver. A minimum of 100 spots will remain open for registration day-of. If a competitor is under 18, they must have a parent or guardian with them to sign their waiver.

The Jam Format: Competitors are divided into groups of 4 skaters to compete in heats lasting 3 minutes. Each heat focuses on three separate areas (or “zones”) of the park simultaneously. 1 judge will be in charge each of these zones. Competitors try to land the best trick possible in each because the scores are combined to determine if they will move on to the finals. The 8 skaters with the highest scores in each division move on to the finals. Similar to the preliminary heats, the finals will also be 3 minutes in length.

Prizing: The top 7 competitors in each of the three divisions go home with bags packed full of Volcom/Electric product as well as invites to the tour-concluding WITP Championships. The top three in the Pro-Am Division and Beginner (Under 17) will also skate away with cash prizes.

Territory Qualification:
Open-Pro Am: I Rp. 750.000, II Rp. 500.000, III Rp. 250.000
Beginner (Under-17): I Rp. 500.000, II Rp. 350.000, III Rp. 150.000
And products from Volcom and event supporters.

Final: Grand Purse Rp. 10.000.000!
Open-Pro AM: I Rp. 4.000.000, II Rp. 2.000.000, III 1.250.000
Beginner (Under-17): I: Rp. 1.500.000, II: Rp. 750.000, III : Rp 500.000
And products from Volcom and event supporters.

Hype of the Day: Hype-st trick will get an Electric Sunglasses and in the final including a package of Stone Age product worth Rp. 1.000.000