It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a day spent with 3 Volcom riders, 2 beautiful models, good food, good music, and a lot of beer is bound to be a great day. For our Spring 2011 collection photoshoot we invited our skate team riders Mario Palendang and Indra ‘Kubon’ Leonardo, along with our pro surfer Made ‘Bol’ Adi Putra to give us their best Zoolander performances in the new Volcom Spring 2011 collection. Our special guest stars of the day were our female models Adinda Sukardi and Grace Astari, who not only helped balance the testosterone levels of the room but also taught our guys a thing or two on the right way to rock a bikini.

Adinda, Grace, Indra, and Bol – the yin and yang of Volcom Indonesia.

We had about 70 different outfits to shoot in the one day, which initially seemed to be quite a major ask, but once the lights were switched on, the camera started clicking, and the flash begun delivering luminous explosions across the room, something special happened. It seems the ‘model’ gene in all 5 of them became activated, and what was to follow was nothing short of photographic magic.

Grace droppin it like its hot in the Droppin Beats black shirt and shorts.

Adinda is secretly a rock star with an amazing voice.

Youth against establishment indeed.

Volcom models eat, delicious Nasi Ayam Betutu at that!

Eka, our tireless man behind the lens who saw it all that day.


Although the photoshoot ended up turning into a party with excessive drinking, dancing, and even skateboarding, we managed to wrap it up just before 6 pm. Could the whole process have been more efficient? Sure. But what’s the point of rushing a job we all love?

Check out the photos in the Mens and Girls tabs, and the video is posted up on the home page as well!

And for all you lazy friends that couldn’t be arsed going all the way to the homepage –

A BIG thank you to all the crew that showed up, the riders, and the models for an amazing time; we can’t wait to do it again!