The summertime skate fever was boiling hot at the St. Cloud Skate Plaza, MN for stop #5 of Volcom’s Wild in the Parks tour.

The Midwest is always synonymous with serious skate talent and always a favorite stop on the tour. This year didn’t disappoint either. With a huge turnout from the skate community there were hundreds in attendance for the show. There were some familiar faces, new faces, and a couple of blasts from the past. The morning showers subsided just in time for the storm that is the Wild in the Parks!

The St. Cloud Skate Plaza

The Stage Was Set

First to unleash the wrath was the 14 and Under Division. These young bloods were on point and ready to throw down. Spectators witnessed hard flips with ease, high- speed hurricanes, and everything BIG: big spins, big flips, and big drops! It was a furry of intensity but at the end of the day Jonathan Reese took home top honors! Benny Milam put on show that earned him 2nd while Henry Gartland took home the bronze. Keep an eye on this bunch.

Jonathan Reese Snapping A Frontside Flip

Henry Gartland Hard Flipping With Ease

It’s Hurricane Season For Connor Gasch

Benny Milam’s Big Spin Down The Double

Also mixing it up with this group was the Lil’ Monkeys (10 and Under Division). These pint sized shralpers were stepping to all three massive zones: sending it on the double set, blasting from bank to bank, and gapping the big 5. Good showing to all the Lil Monkeys that came out!

Dominic Bretto Representing For The Young Ones!

The 15 and Over Division was the largest with 5 preliminary heats. The judge’s task was not an easy one with hammers like back krooks to front 180 out down the round bar, kick flip nose grinds on the flat ledge, and switch front side big-flips down the 5. Once the final scores were tallied it was Tanner Von Vark claiming the champion spot with Jace Torkelson a close 2nd and Ben Gnarloch grabbing 3rd. Solid performance all the way around.

Timmy Johnson’s Switch Flip

Blasting A Backside Flip

Jake Carlson’s BIG Front Board

Tanner Von Vark’s Krooks 180 Out

Switch Crazy Flick Front Big Flip

We also had some ladies make it out for the big show. Anna Reese was keeping the dudes on their toes. She put down a kick flip over the double set with only a couple of attempts. All the ladies who came out and ripped were an inspiration to behold, good skills!

The Klockers And Conrad Handled The BBQ And Larry Provided The Water For The “Players”

The ender? The Open Division of course. It was a heavy line-up of some of the Midwest’s finest. Volcom Am Alec Majerus was back in the mix and during his hiatus from the WITP he has gone man! He was blowing minds with MAN-euvers such as his flawless switch 270 front blunt. He was an easy bet for victory but Cody Davis was a man possessed. He was charging and stepped up the gnar. He took it upon himself to ollie UP the double set (NBD) and then proceeded to back 3 DOWN it, loose his beanie, and roll right over/through it- the crowd lost it. The drama continued to escalate when Luke Hampton snapped his board trying a backside flip off the bump to flat in zone 3. Someone handed him their board and he did it first try! It was an unbelievable performance but in the end Cody Davis was crowned victor with Alec Majerus a close 2nd and Luke Hampton in 3rd. The entire division put on a performance that won’t soon be forgotten.

Alec’s Switch 270 Blunt!

1st Try New Board? No Problem For Luke Hampton

Cody Stomps A Kick Back Smith!

Pop Overs With David Nelson

Taylor Verva’s Ghetto Bird

Thank you to our judging panel for sorting through the madness. We appreciate your diligents Mike Chau, Jason Cole, and Nate Schaefer. Much thanks goes to Volcom’s Emett Klocker and Andy Conrad for all the support. Big ups to The Youth Shelter’s Mike Thienes and Mike Pettit for all their help. Cory Schneider and Derek Combs deserve a sizzling high five for all of their contributions. Gratitude must also be given to our sponsors, thank you:


The Prizing and Judges


14 & Under Division Winners:
1st: Jonathan Reese
2nd: Benny Milam
3rd: Henry Gartland
4th: Ty Stigney
5th: Logan Mozey
6th: Luke Zajac
7th: Caleb Gibson

15 & Over Division Winners
1st: Tanner Van Vark
2nd: Jace Torkelson
3rd: Ben Narloch
4th: Jesse Johnson
5th: Ryan LaRue
6th: Lucas Fillhouer
7th: Skylar Hopkins

Open Division Winners
1st: Cody Davis
2nd: Alec Majerus
3rd: Luke Hampton
4th: Kevin Hager
5th: Ryan Yost
6th: Corey Millett
7th: David Nelson

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