Last Wednesday night close to 300 artists, activists, designers, celebrities, rockstars, media and Twitterati packed into the Dia.Lo.Gue artspace to support the Indonesian premiere of The Last Orangutans documentary and the launch of the F.A.R.T (Factual Art Raising Thought) exhibition.

This night was designed to be liberating both in thought and action. Guests were free to explore, interact, question, digest, and reject what they pleased.

Instead of tying the audience down to their seats with speeches, a multimedia exhibit was created with 3 projectors looping different interviews of the S.O.S ambassadors, Volcom ambassadors, and the artists all sharing their knowledge and opinions. Silent Disco headphones were available so that viewers could switch channels listening to whom they wanted, and most importantly, having the freedom to not listen at all.

The artspace was decorated with inspiring paintings, sketches, and photographs of the Sumatran Orangutans created by emerging Indonesian artists Tarita Aurora, Salvita Decorte, Kiki Kowara, Eric Wirjanata, Joey Christian, and Richard Olsen.


A moving hologram installation was created to bring the Orangutan to life for the premiere and to shift people to experience something so familiar (for Indonesians) in a new way.

Outside in the garden the projector was looping Green, a silent film about a dying Orangutan trapped by deforestation. Funky music in the background, delicious Ketel One vodka cocktails, beautiful people, all signs pointed towards a party, except for many it was hard to ignore the scene of an orangutan lying on a hospital bed with IV tubes in her arms. And that was the point to be made – no matter how much you sugar coat the truth, when you are faced with it, it can’t be ignored.

The Last Orangutans premiered to a powerful response from the crowd. Primed with all the film, artwork, and conversations that led up to it there was a shift in understanding, and for many it was an eye opening experience.

This was a night not only creating awareness but also celebrating it. The Trees and The Wild took to the stage with their powerful ethnic/indie music followed by the rockstar performances of The SIGIT that turned the space into a mini rock concert.

Film, art, and music – partying for a cause.

The artists – Tarita Aurora, Salvita DeCorte, Kiki Kowara, Joey Christian, Richard Olsen and Yolando Siahaya.

A special thank you to:
Mark Samuels (Director of The Last Orangutans)
Sumatran Orangutan Society
Dia.Lo.Gue artspace
Ketel One Vodka
Urbanite Asia
The Trees and The Wild
All the artists!

We will be posting all the available artworks for sale on Facebook – all proceeds will be donated to S.O.S.

We will also be releasing the Volcom x S.O.S limited edition girl’s tops next week sold exclusively in Indonesia at 707 store.

To find out more on how to support this cause visit: or contact us at

Stay tuned for the online release of The Last Orangutans!


*Photos courtesy of Volcom and Dia.Lo.Gue