It was a packed scene in Huntington Beach, CA this past weekend. The masses were gathering south of the pier to witness this year’s U.S. Open, which also included Coastal Carnage and Damn Am HB. Here’s a quick recap of our guys amidst the chaos:

U.S. Open crowd

Alex Midler, Frontside Nosegrind.

Alec Majerus, 2nd Place Best Trick Switch 270 Front Bluntslide.

Ben Raemers, Rock n’ Roll the Shark extension.

Pedro Barros, Frontside Air in the bowl.

Damn Am HB Results:
1. Dylan Witkin
2. Oscar Meza
3. Jon Cosentino
4. Alec Majerus
5. Filipe Ortiz
6. Auby Taylor
7. Carlos Ribeiro
8. Luke Hampton
9. Trevor McClung
10. Tom Karangelov
11. Paul Hart
12. Alex Midler

Damn Am HB Best Trick:
1. Sebo Walker – 360 Shuv Smith Grind the hubba
2. Alec Majerus – Switch 270 Front Blunt the rail
3. Blake Carpenter – Nollie Heel Crook the rail

Coastal Carnage Results:
1. Ben Raybourn
2. Ben Hatchell
3. Curren Caples
4. Pedro Barros
5. Ben Raemers
6. Greyson Fletcher
7. Aaron Homoki
8. Ronnie Sandoval
9. Kevin Kowalski
10. Charlie Blair

Photos: US Open of Surfing
Video: Skatepark of Tampa