Volcom is proud to announce that we have added a new girl’s brand ambassador to our ever-growing family. Salvita De Corte, 22, is of Indonesian/Indian/German descent and is a top model and emerging contemporary artist. Having graced countless covers and editorials, she is now focusing on creating more and discovering new mediums of self expression. We are proud to welcome her to the creative garage of Volcom.


Q : First things first, tell us a bit about your self!

A: Hi I’m Salvita, people call me Sal 🙂 My Dad’s Indian/Indonesian, my Mum’s German, and I was born and raised in Bali. I still live in Bali although I spend a lot of time in Jakarta for photoshoots, in fact I’m here right now working on my next exhibit for the opening of Swoon Gallery in Bali 🙂 My occupation? I guess I’m a model, an artist, and now the new Volcom brand ambassador 🙂

Q : What’s the story that got you involved in modeling?

A : I started modeling a while back, I think I was around 15 years old at the time – my friend Dewi introduced me to an agent and it took off from there. I was still in school and a huge nerd :p so I only modeled during the holidays, only after graduating high school did I model fulltime. I never really thought it was in my blood to model, I started young so I’ve grown with it and learned a lot along the way!

Q : Who’s your role model?

A :Hmm I’ve never really thought about who my role model is – I’ve learnt a lot from both my parents (artists as well). My dad influenced me heavily with his art, showing me the ups and downs of being a fulltime artist, along with the “discipline” it takes (I’m not quite there yet!). Although my parents never taught me how to draw nor paint, it was from watching them that I learned how to create.

Q : What inspires your personal style and how?

A : I’m inspired by my environment: the people, their art, my art, nature … I take in bits and pieces of it all 🙂 My style is thoughtless comfort – I wear whatever I feel comfortable in without thinking too much about it 🙂

Q : How has being a working model in the fashion industry influenced your personal style?

A : The fashion industry has definitely opened my eyes towards “style”, the endless options and art variations. I go through phases in my life and my fashion changes with each, but at the end of the day I always wear what I like!

Q : Five words or less to describe your self.

A : Haha I’m not fond of this one … hmmm 5 words?

Organic, indecisive, humble, shy, creative, oh and a hopeless dancer apparently!

Q : How do you feel about being connected with Volcom?

A : It’s been great being given the opportunity and I’m happy and proud to be an ambassador of a brand that stands for arts and freedom of expression, which are two things I also believe in 🙂

Q : Are you into sports, to be precise, action sports – surf, skate?

A : Well I do pilates! Haha I’ve attempted to surf several times and I really love being in the water so that’s something I want to get into!

Q : What kind of music are you into?

A : I’m open to almost all kinds of music but I do love my oldies like Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin along with some songs that are on constant repeat – Edward Sharp, Magnetic Zeros, Angus & Julia stone, Belle and Sebastian, The Kills etc.

Q : Do you dig deep into art? Why?

A :I was brought up in a creative environment, and when I was in high school art became a main subject, but I barely passed it! It wasn’t until after high school did I have the freedom, space, and time to actually explore my art, capabilities and personal taste. I’m starting to catch up on the art scene in Indonesia, learning about and getting to know a lot of people who share the same interests and its been really nice 🙂

Q : What kind of art do you love? And what kind of art do you do?

A : There are so many talented artist that create beautiful pieces of art, so different to one another, truly representing them and their emotions, that it’s almost impossible for me to choose or say what “kind” of art I like. I love drawing people, mostly women and I tend to go for abstract paintings. For my next art exhibit I’m working on some photographs that I took here in Jakarta.

Q : Ever done an exhibition on your own?

A : My first exhibit was with a friend of mine Naomi at my Dad’s gallery in Bali. We actually did it for fun, we had been painting together for some time so we thought it would be nice to get some people together and show them what we’ve been up to. I did a couple of joint exhibitions after that, one of them was The Last Orangutans exhibit at Dia.Lo.Gue art space in Jakarta for Volcom and the Sumatran Orangutan Society (S.O.S). This exhibit raised funds to support the S.O.S, which is working to save the endangered Sumatran Orangutans. It was really nice to educate or bring about awareness to society through art, but the project was equally educational for myself, in terms of learning about the endangered orangutans and my art itself.

Q : Do you travel a lot? Where have you been?

A : I don’t travel as much as I wish to, it’s definitely one of my goals to travel more! I’ve been to a few places: I went to Santa Cruz twice and loved it, Germany, Belgium, France, Thailand , New Zealand ( I didn’t want to leave and I really want to go back there). Within Indonesia I’ve traveled to Sumbawa, Sulawesi, Yogya although being born in Indonesia I feel that I should really get to know my “home” better – there are so many islands and beautiful places so hopefully I can explore more of Indonesia in the near future. 🙂

Q : How do you express yourself?

A : Well art is a big outlet in terms of expressing myself. I also like to go to places like markets, which I’ve only started doing recently, but I found that I love being in the midst of it (3 hours max haha). I usually don’t like hectic places, however in a market there’s a beauty within all the chaos. A friend of mine took me to a market in Jakarta at 1 a.m. for the art project on ‘women’ that I’m working on right now, and I concentrated on female market vendors – the chaos, colors, objects surrounding them 🙂 I also play a bit of guitar (when no one is around haha), I love it.

Q : Things that you used to do when you were younger and still do now?

A : I started playing guitar when I was younger and I still do now, it’s one of my hobbies. 🙂 In terms of habits, I flare my nostrils when I’m nervous or concentrating!

Q : 5 things that you’ll always carry with you,  even if there’s a zombie apocalypse in the future?

A : Hmm … Never thought of this one!

1. My wallet because its got stone, photos and notes I kept for memories haha
2. A pen in case I get bored and I wanna draw on something
3. A pocket knife (I actually just started carrying one) never know when you need one, especially when there’s a zombie apocalypse
4. Music: my iPod
5. Dried fruits in case I’m hungry and can’t find food – happens a lot in Jakarta when you’re stuck in traffic for 3 hours.

Q : 10 years from now, where and what is your prediction of yourself?

A : I don’t really think about the future much, but there are goals that I’d like to “complete” such as doing more exhibits around the world, traveling and modeling at the same time 🙂

Q : What are you up to now?

A : Right now I’m spending 2 to 3 months in Jakarta modeling; today is my day off. 🙂

Q : Favorite quote/motto to live by, and what does it mean to you?

A : “One man’s nonsense is another man’s sense.” And also “People who have only good experiences aren’t very interesting. They may be content, and happy after a fashion, but they aren’t very deep. It may seem a misfortune now, and it makes things difficult, but well–it’s easy to feel all the happy, simple stuff. Not that happiness is necessarily simple. But I don’t think you’re going to have a life like that, and I think you’ll be the better for it. The difficult thing is to not be overwhelmed by the bad patches. You must not let them defeat you. You must see them as a gift–a cruel gift, but a gift nonetheless.” Peter Cameron

The quote has helped go through tough times, to be thankful and have compassion as a weapon for everything, even things that you don’t like or bad things that happen to you.

Q : Words of wisdom for others you want to share?

A : I think its important for someone to do what they love to do and believe in. 🙂