The Goons of Doom Celebrate the World Wide Release of their Third Album



The Goons of Doom. Yeah, you know ’em. Deadbeats. Wasters. Party addicts. Lowlife surfie scumbags on an endless acid rainbow tour of life and love and tittie bars and the seven seas. Yeah well they’ve just released a new album – their third in fact – and it’s called Revenge of the Goons. And guess what? It’s fucking rad.

The Goons recorded Revenge of the Goons it a year ago. And then it just sat around marinating like balls in a pair of jeans on a hot summer’s day. And then one day Ozzie Wrong went to Bali to ride funnels with his lady Mylie Milkshake and his spawn Rocky Racoon. And the rest of the Goons were just sitting at home sucking on a bag of lemons and thinking: “Man I wanna go to Bali too.” So they booked tickets on the premise that they’d launch Revenge of the Goons in downtown motherfucking Indo baby. And that’s what they did. And guess what? It was fucking rad.

Then the Goons went home and slept. And then they woke up just in time to play another show at Dustin Humphrey’s Deus Ex Machina moto-surf-hammock-art-food-bearded- beanied-tracker factory starring Joel Edgerton. The crowd was well loobed by support acts Mylie Milkshake and the Mid City Arcade. By the time the Goons hit the stage people were flying in from Seattle to witness the carnage and everything degenerated into a massive all-in-sing-along that went till dawn. One girl poured a beer over her own t-shirt and everybody could see her amazing tits. And guess what? It was fucking rad.

After sleeping all day the Goons then went to La Plancha, Legian for a gig in front of 2000 people who had just sat through a 15 minute dolphin slaughtering sequence in David Rastovich’s movie Minds on the Water. The Goons took to the stage and looked out into the crowd only to be greeted by a thousand traumatized faces with eyes overflowing with tears. So they screamed directly into their sad sack fucking faces with out of tune voices and even more out of tune instruments. And guess what? It was fucking rooted.

After that gig the Goons wanted revenge. And it was fitting because the launch tour for the album was already drawing to a close. So they headed up to Tai Graham’s Single Fin Bar overlooking the majestic reeling lefts of Uluwatu for one final whore down. Mylie Milkshake brought the thunder. Mid City Arcade brought the fire. And then the Goons of Doom brought the complete anarchaic fuck-for-all they’re infamous for. The set was hit and the crowd decided the only way to send off such a fantastic wall of mess and noise was to form a human pyramid on top of the band toward the end of their last song La Cucuracha. A girl walked out of the toilets comepletely naked and everyone got to see her titties and her fanny. And guess what? It was fucking rad.

So there you have it. The launch of Revenge of the Goons in Bali. A big thanks to all the venues that took them on and to Monkey and Morley, Tipi and Thai, Dare and Hump for putting them up.


Photos: David Hewitson