This 5-part web series follows the Volcom Skate Team on motorcycles and skateboards through the U.S. and Europe

The similarities between skateboarding and riding a motorcycle run deep. Both addictive and riddled with adrenalin, allowing freedom’s door to swing wide full of expression. Both forms of riding allow the individual to express one’s unique style independently within the crew or allow for one to go it alone through the streets of any city a road is paved. Whether it be for transportation, expression or simply to feel the wind in your face, both are tools of freedom. Since we love both, it was only a matter of time before Volcom could combine these passions into one project.

Speak Two The Wind was born when Volcom heads from USA and EU rallied some skate team riders and lensemen from around the globe, summoning a combination of forces for a plot yet to be told on routes destined to visit some of the most desirable locations for skating and riding on both continents.


Episode 1


Episode 1 finds the Volcom Skate Team lift off from Collin Provost’s house in Vista, CA, on motorcycles as they make their way through the California and Arizona deserts, skateboarding and embracing all that the open roads had to offer.


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Episode 2


Episode 2 continues with the Volcom Skate Team as they find themselves motorcycling and skateboarding through Arizona and Utah, with a stop at the Grand Canyon.

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Episode 3


Episode 3 follows the Volcom Skate Team as they head on motorcycles through Belgium and Germany, skateboarding at various spots, and meeting up with The Picturebooks for a private music show at their home studio.

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Episode 4


Episode 4 trails the Volcom Skate Team through Germany and Denmark as they meet with the owner of Motorious, a vintage motorcycle shop in Denmark, and skate through the streets and local skate parks.

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Episode 5


Episode 5 joins the Volcom Skate Team on motorcycles through Denmark and Sweden to camp and hang at Fücker Fest, a motorcycle festival in Sweden.

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