Jimbo Phillips is an artist from Santa Cruz, California that was literally raised on eye-popping graphics. His father, Jim Phillips, created all the artwork for Santa Cruz Skateboards throughout the 70’s and 80’s, most notably the iconic ‘Screaming Hand’. At 18, Jimbo began working for his father producing graphics for the skateboard industry (Santa Cruz Skateboards). In developing mind-blowing graphics used for t-shirts, decals, skateboards and in advertising, Jimbo launched his own graphic design business in 1990. Via his own business, Jimbo has continued to produce artwork for the skateboard industry, create logos for surf shops; as well as, silk-screen t-shirts and posters for punk and metal bands.

The Volcom Featured Artist Series is proud to introduce a V.Co-Laborative project with world-renowned skate artist Jimbo Phillips. His distinct style and unique interpretation of Volcom is boldly emblazoned on a wide range of products for the Spring 2011 season.