Calvin Saxton is an 11 year old kid with a huge love for life. He is the youngest of 3 but is never lost in the lineup. His early childhood was hampered by severe allergies including a potentially deadly one with peanuts (which is with him for life). Calvin is also asthmatic. Over the last few years Cal has spent most of his time surfing. During some of his tougher times with asthma his mom would tell him not to surf. Made sense right? If you can’t breath well, you probably want to stay clear of the water. Cal pleaded saying that he actually felt much better when he was surfing. I was sure it was a line of BS to get his way but it definitely was not, he literally never coughed or labored in the water.

Cal’s exuberance & always up for a surf attitude has endeared him to some of the more prominent “older” groms in Newport. Eventually he started drawing art for them & then made them into t-shirts. They are pure, true & capture the essence of a kid with a huge imagination and a gift of expression. Cal has always had a big heart for kids who struggle for any reason. So when he heard about a group of kids that were recently surfing at the same surf camp he used to attend, he was intrigued. He would obviously have empathy for anyone who labors to breath but when he heard to what extent they fight for breath he wanted to make a difference. Cal donates a percent of the profit on all of his Kid Creature sales to help fight against cystic fibrosis. So when you purchase a KidCreature shirt you are helping the fight for breath that many kids are struggling with every day.