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Hunter Wood

Hunter Wood

From : Fishers, IN

Hunter Wood is as stylish as they come. Born in Indiana, at the age of 12 Hunter made the move to Vermont and developed his amazing board control on the hard packed icy slopes at Stratton Mountain. Not long after finishing school, Hunter moved to Summit County Colorado where he found his home with the One Glove Crew. You probably have never heard of the kid, so consider this your first introduction. As of recent, Hunter has been featured in the newest Veeco film, #IP3, as well as Volcom’s video submission for Snowboarder Magazine’s Battle of the Brands, and Hunter appeared on several pages of the October issue of Snowboarder Magazine. Keep your tabs on Hunter, he’s going to be one to watch in the near future.

Full Name: Hunter Thomas Wood

Bday: 2/5/1993

Born and raised: Fishers, Indiana corn fed corn bread Indiana boy, Moved to Vermont in 8th grade and went to school at Stratton now reside in the Mountains of Colorado.

First snowboard: It was a 121 Lamar with Spiderman graphics.

Perfect Day: Sunny, bluebird, a few feet of fresh, couple cold ones, rippin’ endless lines with the buddies, good tunes in the ears, and maybe throw some snow bunnies in the there too. Get a little skate in after, maybe a jam goin’.

Favorite person to shred with: All the One-Glove buds, Alex Lopez, and always rad to shred with my pops and brother too.

Favorite resort: Snowmass

Favorite shred movie: all the old Grenade vids, optimistic, 9191, Givin Vids, so many

Best Trip last year: cruisin’ to Bachelor for Super Park with the crew was the shit!!! it was Lazz’s birthday and it got loose in the van! good times boardin’ and in Jake Price’s amazing home.

Goals for this winter: Stay healthy, Ride as much as possible, lots of backcountry,film a part, catch a lot of air, and make the One-Glove movie happen.