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Luke Mitrani

Luke Mitrani

From : Truckee, CA

Name: Luke Mitrani
Date of Birth: 7-20-1990
Place of Origin: VT
Current Residence: Truckee, CA
Stance: Regular
Favorite Volcom piece Volcom flannels are my fav.
Other Sponsors: Frends, Mammoth Mountain, Amp, Dragon, US Snowboard Team

Luke Mitrani is one of the most physically talented atheletes Volcom has ever seen. Anything that Luke decides to involve himself in, whether it be guitar, snowboarding, skateboarding or yoga, he will undoubtably become incredibly good at it. In 2013 Luke was named the Grand Prix’s Overall Halfpipe Champion for his 3rd place finishes at the Park City and Mammoth stops, and a 2nd place at Copper Mountain. Luke has also made several appearances at the X Games Halfpipe Finals and Dew Tour Halfpipe Finals. Although, Luke’s most admired attribute is not his outstanding talent or versatility, but his positivity and friendliness. Luke is an amazingly grounded human with his home of Vermont deep in his blood, and if ever you were introduced to Luke in person, he would welcome you as friend with open arms. Luke is as granola as they come, but will double Michael Chuck over your head with his eye closed and a laughing the whole way through.

What was your first snowboard? It was called Static, don’t even know if they exist anymore?

What was your first snowboard movie that got you hooked? Subject Haakonsen, Haakonsen Factor, Technical Difficulties

Scariest moment of the season? Kevin getting hurt, not the best new year

Best trip? Japan with Brian Iguchi, Mike Parillo, Tyler Flanagan, Boyes and Jamie Lynn…Had way to much!

One item you always have in your snowboard pants Normally don’t like to shred with anything in my pockets. Sometimes an Ipod though when I’m wearing a sweatshirt. Maybe some money for some afternoon burgers.

Besides snowboarding? Skateboarding and playing guitar

Future plans? Trying to start a band with my brother and Danny Davis. Lot of camping and hiking. Traveling as much as possible…..and best of all snowboarding with the homies!


skating my head off


Vermont Skateboard


been really into fast trippy jams, Santana and Hendrix have been killing it


play my guitar with Alex Lopez at least one time this fall! Come on ALO…


skate skate party skate travel somewhere skate jam out skate woo now