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Mike Ravelson

Mike Ravelson

-Name- Mike Ravelson
-Hometown- Shrewsbury, MA
-Home Mountain- Ski Ward / Wachusett
-What Month were you born & what’s your Sign?- March and I’m a Pisces.
-Favorite Streetwear piece- This Red flannel I don’t know the name of….but it’s awesome!
-Favorite Outerwear piece- Omega Pants

Mike “Rav” Ravelson sees the world differently than the average person. He is not restricted to boardslides, nosepresses or backside 720s. Rav does handstand slides, summer salts, fast plants, cartwheels, and tail blocks. He sees a 20 stair hand rail and does a layback boardslide, not a halfcab 5-0. Mike Rav lets his snowboarding do the talking, and it speaks volumes. He spent his 2013 season filming for the newest Keep The Change film “Roll-Call” by winter, and lapping the High Cascade tow rope by summer. No matter what time of year it may be Rav is strapped into his snowboard, and most likely, he’s the one having the most fun.

-Who do you look up too and why? First of all my family, everyone works really hard at whatever they do, and they’re always supportive. In snowboarding I look up to guys like Pat Moore, Scott Stevens, Grenier, Ted Lavoie, BIG Mike and Tanner Pendelton. I think they have an awesome blueprint for what snowboarding should be: which seems like hard work, friends, and constantly having a good time.
-Where do you look for inspiration? My friends. I have so many talented friends. It gets me psyched watching all of them do what they do.
-One snowboard trip you that you’ll never forget and why? Hard question…everyone has been insane. One that stands out is our first trip this year to New York. We crammed 10 people extremely uncomfortably into the Eastern Boarder Van (has no heat,) with no money, or plan, but ended up being extremely productive. I just think it’s awesome when you’re essentially working with nothing, but still make things happen.
-What is Teleportation and how would you use it? Teleportation is something I’ve been dreaming about for years. I would use teleportation to teleport to the bathroom in the middle of the night when you don’t want to get up. That’s the worst. Also for traveling but most of the time I enjoy a long plane ride or car ride.
-Snowboarding has given me…….. Everything. I honestly cannot imagine my life without it. I’ve met most of my best friends snowboarding and learned so much from it.