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Terje Haakonsen

Terje Haakonsen

From : Gnorway

Name: Terje Haakonsen
Date of Birth: 11 Oct 74
Place of Origin: Telemark
Current Residence: Norway
Stance: Regular
Other Sponsors: Burton, Oakley Eyewear, Sweet protection. ICA

The Sprocking Cat is still sprocking! What is there to be said about him that you don’t already know? Giving Terje a snowboard at the ripe young age of 13 was like passing a basket ball to Michael Jordan for the first time.. The rest is history.. With more titles, movie parts, trophies and “Perfect lines” under his belt than a retired porn star, Terje keeps spending his days doing what he’s always done, circumnavigating the globe in search of the best snow, waves and coconuts. Then there’s the running of his own event, The Arctic Challenge, being a gardening dad or a distinctly skilled soccer player.. His highest air record from 2007 still stands proud to this day and if you haven’t seen Terje’s seminal signature movie “Subjekt Haakonsen” then go do your homework. Next year you can see him in Veeco’s upcoming film “True To This”.

What was your first snowboard? Burton Elite 150
What was your first snowboard movie that got you hooked? Snow shredders! Sims freestyle flick
Scariest moment of the season? Hit a rock hidden under the pow at high speed . Fractured my ankle, had to sit down for a while.
Best trip? Baldface pow pow lodge.
One item you always have in your snowboard pants? Lip block and a Sudden Rush ampule
Besides snowboarding? Parenting, Fotball, chess, gardening and cooking
Future plans? Yes, gone make a dream garden while I’m flipping