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Gavin Beschen

Gavin Beschen

From : San Clemente, CA

Birth Date – 12-24-1975

Birth Place – San Clemente, CA

Currently Living – North Shore, Oahu

Height -6’0″

Weight -156 lbs.

Sponsors – Volcom Clothing, T.Patterson surfboards, Astrodeck, Soleo Sunscreen, XM Surfmore┬áleashes, Sector 9, and FAB tacos

Volcom rider since -1994

First board – 4’11” twin fin from my best friend Micah Pitts. It was a Bill Stewart with Yoda on the bottom

Warm Ups – Morning coffee, lil’ guitar, a walk on the beach look for shells, swim then stretch

What gets you motivated to surf? – I must say growing up, it was my family that really supported me. In and out of the water as well with close friends and uncles. If you weren’t surfing, then it was nothing but trouble

Side Tracks – There’s a lot of crossroads every day, but you just ask yourself “Did I do my best for how I want to live?”

Music/Bands – Deep Water from San Clemente. I grew up listening to and surfing with this amazing family.

Videos/Movies – What is the movie called…What the bleep! Down a rabbit hole!

Best style -Flowing free loving life kuleana of aloha!

Random Information – “Live to give”

Favorite Volcom Jeans – Liberated cords are cozy

Favorite Boardshorts – Volcom Mod Tech boardshorts

One thing you can’t leave home without – What I can’t leave home without is how much I love where I live. It’s what I take with me to travel because you go to visit destinations and learn from their cultural ways and bring them back to life when you return home to share experiences with those whom you know and love.

Special Thanks – Mom and Dad, all of the family at Volcom for all these years of incredible support through the good ‘n bad moments, tPatterson for the magic of surfboard making, Sector 9 & Astrodeck familia and friends all over the world!