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Nate Tyler

Nate Tyler

From : Wild West Templeton, CA

Birth Date – 7/30/1983

Birth Place – Wild West Templeton, CA

Currently Living – Forests of Templeton, CA

Height -5’10”

Weight -155 lbs.

Sponsors – Volcom Clothing and Wetsuits, Globe Shoes, Channel Islands, Spy, Monster, Famous Wax, CCS

Volcom rider since -1999

First board -5’10” Channel islands with a broken nose so I jigsawed it round and made it a 5’0″, while simultaneously attempting my first repair experience with fiberglass and resin. I pearled up to my neck every wave from there out.

Warm Ups – Early morning mountain bike riding with some good tunes.

What gets you motivated to surf? – Good style, proper music, dreamy skatepark set ups, beachy break tubes

Side Tracks – Nothing too riveting; small art projects, photos and video, solar energy and hippy living

Music/Bands – The XX, Fever Ray

Videos/Movies – 156 tricks

Best style – Ozzie with Machado flair

Random Information – I have both the world’s largest and smallest breed of dog. I have a pack of animals

Favorite Volcom Jeans – Rowley

Favorite Boardshorts – Mano Mod

One thing you can’t leave home without – Passport

Special Thanks – My girl Joders, my family, my family at Volcom