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Ryan Burch

Ryan Burch

From : Encinitas, CA

Birth Date – 1/1989

Birth Place – Oceanside, CA

Currently Living – Encinitas, CA

Height -6’1″

Weight -160 soaking wet.

Sponsors – Volcom Clothing and Wetsuits, Spy Optic

Volcom rider since -I think 2004

First board -7’0″ mini longboard. with lots of nose rocker so that i wouldn’t pearl.

Warm Ups – Coffee.

What gets you motivated to surf? – Just about anything. new place, new swell, new board, or just the right mind set.

Side Tracks -Making surfboards.

Music/Bands – Iggy Pop, Nirvana, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Led Zepplin.

Videos/Movies – I don’t watch a lot of movies.

Best style – Occy

Favorite Volcom Jeans – Roadhouse

Favorite Boardshorts – Fixie Mod

One thing you can’t leave home without – Reese’s

Special Thanks – Everyone that makes surfing interesting.