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Lyn-Z Hakwins Pastrana

Lyn-Z Hakwins Pastrana

From : Annapolis, MD - Carlsbad, CA

Name: Lyn-Z Hakwins Pastrana
DOB: 9/21/1989
Birthplace: San Diego, CA
Currently living: Annapolis, MD – Carlsbad, CA
Sponsors: Volcom, Nixon, Alpinestars, Smith Optics, Birdhouse Skateboards, Ethika, Type-S wheels, Independent Trucks, Ogio Bags, Nitro Circus

What do you love most about being a pro skater, and what’s the toughest part?
I love being able to do what I love for a living. It’s cool to be able to express myself through my skating and the action sports lifestyle. The toughest part is hardly ever being home, and dealing with injuries.

How do you mentally prepare for a contest?
I get a good night sleep and a good meal to feel rested and fueled. Then I usually plan some runs and tricks I want to do ahead of time and do some visualizing.

What do you like to do during your down time (when you’re not skating)?
I stay super active when I’m off my board, working out to stay strong. I like to drive go karts, ride dirt bikes, surf and snowboard. Being a good wife and mom is now a huge part of my life as well! 🙂

Is there any place in the world you have not yet been but have always wanted to?
I really want to go to Puerto Rico!

What’s the secret to your fit body?
Remembering that working out in the gym to strengthen my muscles can really benefit my skating. Staying really active with fun actives to balance out the boring gym stuff and eating healthy is huge!

Where is your all time favorite skate spot?
The Woodward Camp in PA. I love the mini mega ramp there!

Do you prefer staying in and having a mellow movie night or going out with friends?
I actually like mixing the two… out to dinner with friends then back to our house for all of us to watch a movie.

What makes Volcom Women’s so unique?
They make the best clothes with their own unique cutting edge style, always adding their own twist on what’s trendy and trend setting. Plus we have the best surf/skate/snow team!

What do you want the girls out there reading to never forget?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If whoever you ask doesn’t want to help, ask someone else. We don’t know it all and can only learn so much on our own before we need a little help/guidance/coaching.